On September 27 from 2:00-3:15 p.m. EDT, CIP will be hosting a free webinar with HRx titled “Navigating Race, Equity, and Privilege”. Our speakers are Shalyma Cambridge from HRx Inc. and our very own, Beth McMahon.

This webinar will build off of our 2020 December webinar and support the continuing implementation of our Equity, Divesity, and Inclusion Roadmap. All interested parties can register here.

Guest Speaker:

Shalyma Cambridge
Senior Facilitator and Leadership Coach, HRx Inc.

Shalyma Cambridge is a coach, facilitator, and instructor, passionate about leadership, inclusion, and supporting diversity in organizations. She brings a deep understanding of complex organizations and over a decade of experience executing communication and change management strategies; developing and facilitating training; and coaching in a variety of settings. It is Shalyma’s belief that when a culture of authentic, inclusive, and bold leadership is encouraged, organizations and their people are inspired to be their best.

Working with established and emerging leaders across a variety of industries in both local and international organizations – Shalyma helps individuals communicate their values, forge real connections, and inspire others through confidence. She develops training and learning experiences that drive meaningful personal and organizational change.

Shalyma holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Graduate Certificate in Communications Management, certification as an Organizational Coach through the University of British Columbia and is a certified Personality Dimension facilitator. Currently pursuing her Master’s in Organizational Leadership, Shalyma is also a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade Diversity and Inclusion Committee and co-leads the Vancouver Culture Collective Chapter which holds space to share learnings on transforming and building great cultures in the workplace.