As we celebrate all those who have stepped up to help others this year, we also recognize all those who have stepped back from volunteering to protect themselves and others.  The value of one person staying home helps protect their network, the power of many people keeping their distance helps protect the community. 

The power of many people working together can bring about monumental changes.  We have seen people work together on legislative changes related to impaired driving, same sex marriage, and assisted dying.  We have seen neighbourhood safety and resiliency rise when many residents are engaged. 

The theme is a nod to our past, a reflection of our present, and a wink to our future.  The Value of One, the Power of Many was the theme for National Volunteer Week in 2001, The International Year of Volunteers. It beautifully reflects the individual and collective efforts, we have seen during the pandemic, and it sets the tone for re-imagining the next 20 years as the value of one act and the power of many enables us to thrive together.

For National Volunteer Week, we appreciate those in organizations who lead volunteers, those who work in corporations who lead community engagement, those who work in schools and support students’ involvement in the community, and those who work in government departments and support voluntary action.