By: CIP Recognition Committee

Area of Planning: Capital Cities, Municipal, and Regional Planning

Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: Through a practice spanning three decades, I had the good fortune to work in both Québec and Ontario, on a wide variety of interesting and challenging projects, that combined policy and implementation streams, and ranged from NIP implementation, coordination of a regional plan, direction of a municipal planning office, management of streetscaping renewal programs and projects, to the overall responsibility for National Capital Commission’s planning framework, including Plan for Canada’s Capital

What’s New or Exciting at Work?: Retired from the NCC since late 2013, I am currently Fellow of the Centre on Governance of the University of Ottawa, where I am reflecting on possible future paths for the governance of Canada’s Capital Region; over the last year, I also lead the Forward Planning initiative, in the context of CIP Centennial Conference

What are your hopes for the next 100 years of planning?: That planners evolve future paths for their profession and practice, that while drawing upon their past achievements, their existing body-of-knowledge, and their known potentialities, also « push the envelope », reaching toward unexplored ways and means to nurture and conduct strategic relationships, enabling their professional organizations to support them in better exercising their roles and responsibilities, and reimagining the underpinnings of some of their activities and work.