November 8, 2022, marks the 73rd World Town Planning Day (WTPD) – an international day celebrating the accomplishments of planners and acknowledging their contributions to our communities. On this day, planners and allied professionals around the world participate in WTPD activities–bringing attention to the profession and its many important aims.

This year’s WTPD comes at an exciting time in CIP’s history. In July, CIP released its renewed Mission, Vision and Values as well as a new five-year strategic plan–1,835 Days of Impact–which provides a clear path forward for creating positive change.

On November 8, CIP hosts Planning Together: Student Symposium, a free, all-day virtual event for students. This event shines a spotlight on the innovative research of aspiring planning professionals by showcasing their work internationally and is a part of CIP’s commitment to supporting the next generation of planning leaders. CIP also recently announced the extension of its free CIP student membership to ALL post-secondary students across Canada.

As a member of the Global Planners Network (GPN), CIP was also a signatory of the Katowice Declaration 2022: Transforming our Cities for a Better Future, which sets out the commitment of the global planning community in addressing challenges posed by rapid urbanization, poverty and inequality, biodiversity loss, climate change, conflicts and natural disasters.

The Declaration is in close alignment with CIP’s new Vision for inclusive and vibrant communities, respectfully connected to the natural world, for the well-being of current and future generations. CIP is proud to work with organizations like GPN to tackle these common challenges together.

In recognition of WTPD the Global Planners Network has also released a statement reiterating the message of the Declaration.  It reads in part:

On this WTPD, CIP celebrates the contributions of planners but also recognizes the wicked problems faced by the profession and our world. However, through integrated action on complex issues, encouraging more equitable planning practices, and by receiving proper career support, current and future planners will be more than ready to tackle these significant issues in meaningful ways.

For more information about CIP Word Town Planning Day activities, click here.

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