This session featured a presentation by Ken Cameron FCIP RPP based on his recent book, “Showing the Way: Peter Oberlander and the Imperative of Global Citizenship.” The book describes the journey of Peter Oberlander from refugee to foundational roles in Canadian planning and international cooperation on human settlement issues. It draws on the interlocking themes of postwar reconstruction, citizenship and the training of planners to transform ideas into action.

It is also the story of the transformation of Canadian attitudes from hostility to newcomers to welcoming them as partners in building a new and tolerant society. In the process, Canada is demonstrating a new concept of citizenship as a set of rights and responsibilities at the local, national and international levels that is a striking contrast to the nativism, tribalism and protectionism currently sweeping the world.

Learning outcomes will include: Canadian planning history, the place of postwar reconstruction in Canadian planning, principles of planning education and the role of the planner as a citizen.

Presenters: Ken Cameron FCIP, RPP and moderated by Nancy Knight MCIP, RPP