Canada’s farms are changing. To maintain viability, many farmers are diversifying their land uses and business operations to include both agricultural and non-agricultural uses. Provincial policy, such as that in Ontario, supports these uses. Still, clarity in policy, practice, and implementation is critical. How should the planning profession permit these uses in training and walk the fine line in balancing farmland preservation, agricultural viability, and economic opportunity? Based on province-wide research, this presentation will explore trends in on-farm diversification, the impacts of on-farm diversification policy on family farmers, and the emerging approaches to support and responsibly plan for on-farm diversified uses in Ontario’s rural communities. Perspectives from planners at municipal and provincial levels in Ontario will be presented and aim to build consensus around best practices for promoting on-farm diversification. This study is a step forward in identifying the ways planners can support agriculture to maximize community benefit while protecting agri-food systems, promoting sustainable development, and supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of farmers.