Want to do more with data but don’t know where to start? Going beyond static charts and maps, we can harness tools from the field of data analytics to transform data into information that enables public participation and better policy advice.   This workshop on data visualization for planners will cover new approaches to sharing data with the public, colleagues, and decision-makers, focusing on creating interactive dashboards. Participants will learn data visualization best practices and how to create interactive dashboards using Tableau Public (free data visualization software).   The workshop will guide participants through four elements:   1. A brief introduction to design principles 2. An interactive, back-to-basics dashboard collage exercise replete with markers, glue and magazines 3. Deeper dive into data visualization do’s and don’ts with takeaways that participants can implement in future work 4. Conclude with a crowd-sourced dashboard building exercise, using live participation to build a dataset and populate a dashboard.