SPONSORED BY: Real Estate Foundation of BC

This engaging session will include presentation on the Net Zero policy objectives within the City of Markham. It will explore the challenges and real implementation solutions for low carbon development, currently taking place in the City of Markham. As a leadership model, the City has engaged in a partnership with Mattamy Homes and Enwave Energy to deliver a geo-exchange community energy system that will deliver on the city’s strategic direction for a Safe, Sustainable and Complete Community. The policy framework for climate change guides this project which includes strong community objectives around transportation and complete communities.

The session will profile the Berczy Glen development and the approach to the partnership to advance a low density based geo-exchange district energy system. It will discuss the key aspects bringing the project together. The presenters will share the process to feasibility, including stakeholder engagement, and issues-based meetings to establish an approvals process for a non-regulated energy project within the subdivision approvals process. The project which received TAF funding to support feasibility outcomes and share lessons learned in the context of the partnership. This session is an implementation best practice for advancing low carbon solutions at a community scale.