This presentation is a comprehensive overview of the current policies an actions plans at all levels of governance (Federal to Municipal) to mitigate the affordable housing crisis in British Columbia, specific to the affordable rental and subsidized housing sector. The work uses the ‘Housing for All’ framework to propose a shift in the value paradigm of the housing sector, apply system thinking for an integrated approach in the existing system, and propose economic sustainability across the lifecycle of the affordable housing projects.

Zehra Wazir is a recent graduate of th Master in Community Planning Program from Vancouver Island University. Her thesis research captires a comprehensive picture of the affordable housing crisis in British Columbia, with emphasis on a rights based approach to housing , integrated system thinking in the exisiting governance system, and fostering economic sustainability in the sector. Zehra’s background is in architecture, with professional work experience in planning, design, management, and academics. She hopes to further her career in the dynamic world of planning, to utilize her diverse skillsets.