SPRING 2023, VOLUME 63, NO. 1 –

Lessons Learned for Establishing an Affordable Homeownership Program in Vancouver 

  • Julia Bahen and Kevin Green 

Modelling Affordability Outcomes of Housing Targets 

  • Seah Nash and Indro Bhattacharyya 

Cahdco Toolbox: Increasing Non-profit Affordable Housing Development Capacity 

  • Stephanie Cantlay and Graeme Hussey 

Planners’ Role in Bending the Curve of the Emerging Asocial Society

  • Meg Holden, Robyn Lee, and Sara Emami 

Improving the Evaluation of Local Government Housing Policy 

  • Marina Jozipovic 

Unlocking the Power of Land: How Community Land Trusts Can Meet Housing Needs 

  • Gavin Williamson 

Planning for Energy: The Role of Professional Planners in Achieving Net-Zero

  • Michael Kvern 

Private Firms and Indigenous Planning 

  • Alex Hallbom and Joelle McNeil 

Indigenous Planning and Online Community Engagement: Insights From Michipicoten First Nation’s Land Use Planning Process 

  • Skylar Niehaus 

Electrifying Transportation on Two-wheels: Why Electric Bikes Are Critical for Helping Meet Climate Targets 

  • Tim Shah, Jimin Park, and Filippos Gkekas 

Also in This Issue:

  • Editors’ Note
  • Fellows Corner
  • Recognizing the Passing of Three Fellows in 2022 
  • Planner’s Bookshelf
  • Planning Research Digest