On August 25, CIP hosted the webinar “Planning for Disaster Resilience.” In line with CIP’s key policy priority of climate change planning, this session delved into the question of how we can plan communities that are most resilient while building capacity and managing risk. Our speakers also address how to use available tools like research, policies, and plans to help mitigate disaster and increase resiliency. 


Karolina Pol, Natural Resources Canada 
Karolina is a graduate of the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC. She has worked as a planner in the public and private sector and currently holds a position as a Senior Advisor in the federal public service. 

Malaika Ulmi, Natural Resources Canada 
Malaika Ulmi is a part of the management team of the Geological Survey of Canada’s Pacific Division and the Public Safety Geoscience Program which conducts research across Canada on the geohazards and their associated risks. 

Molly Mowery AICP, Wildfire Planning International 
Founder of Wildfire Planning International, a U.S. based consulting firm dedicated to helping local, state, and federal governments and communities reduce wildfire risk across North America. She also serves as the executive director for the Community Wildfire Planning Center. 

Khalid Mohammed RPP, MCIPCity of High River 
In his current role as Manager of Planning and Development of High River, with Council support, has initiated and lead major transformation in the planning spectrum of the use and policy planning lead to establishing High River as a led by exampe in the planning world.