Neighbours often have questions and sometimes oppose the development of new non-market housing, especially supportive housing, in communities throughout British Columbia. BC Housing has created tools to help non-profit housing providers, service providers, and local governments address community opposition and gain acceptance for their projects.

These include:

  • Community Acceptance of Non-Market Housing Toolkit
  • Exploring Impacts of Non-Market Housing on Surrounding Property Values Case Studies
  • Evaluation of Modular Supportive Housing

We will cover key findings and how these tools are being used by planners to support development of non-market housing by BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, and the BC Non-Profit Housing Association. Attendees will learn about housing-specific community engagement, working with neighbours and local non-profit partners. The session will include small group discussions, where participants tackle sample case studies that highlight common challenges of community acceptance. Participants will apply the tools discussed along with their own experiences to brainstorm potential strategies for addressing common challenges.