Public transit is one of the most fundamental transportation modes. Done right, it can be an equitable mode for all community members that also reduces GHG emissions and boosts local economies. New technologies, on-demand services and innovative partnerships offer great opportunities for increasing mobility in smaller centres. However, there is no one-size-fits-all magic solution: transit must be carefully designed to maximize effectiveness within available funding.

This session will explore two case studies in contrasting communities with identical objectives: improving transportation options in a way that creatively meets citizen needs within available resources.

  • Black Diamond and Turner Valley, two small communities in Alberta with no existing public transportation and a desire to introduce it through new partnerships and funding streams
  • Yellowknife, a medium size community in the North with a desire to improve the effectiveness of existing transit services

This presentation will aim to give attendees a better sense of the “transportation toolbox” available to smaller communities, how these options can best be applied depending on community factors, and lessons learned.