World Town Planning Day 2023: LEARN GLOBALLY, APPLY LOCALLY

Planners, urban designers and place-makers attended the 74th World Town Planning Day 2023 virtual conference, hosted by the APA, CIP, and APA’s International Division on November 8, 2023.

Thomas introduced the panelists and Wendy served as the moderator. Gavin discussed the role of planners in disaster recovery and adaptability to future challenges. Stephen focused on the challenges faced by Australia due to extreme natural hazard events and the need for proper integration of natural hazard and climate change risk into planning. Wendy highlighted the significant natural hazard risks faced by New Zealand and the crucial role of planners in reducing these risks. The meeting also emphasized the importance of embedding equity goals for marginalized communities in pre and post-disaster plans. The panelists agreed on the need for a more proactive approach to planning, with a focus on risk reduction.