World Town Planning Day 2023: LEARN GLOBALLY, APPLY LOCALLY

Planners, urban designers and place-makers attended the 74th World Town Planning Day 2023 virtual conference, hosted by the APA, CIP, and APA’s International Division on November 8, 2023.

Kelley, as the Secretary General for the Commonwealth Association of Planners, moderated a discussion on the call to action on sustainable urbanization. The session aimed to raise awareness of the initiative in response to rapid urbanization and climate change, share examples of good practice in sustainable urbanization and urban resilience within the Commonwealth, and promote global collaboration in delivering sustainable and climate-resilient cities. The panel discussed the Commonwealth Sustainable Cities Initiative and identified the top priorities for building resilience in planning. The discussion concluded with a call to action for increased investment in sustainable urban development, emphasizing the importance of empowering local communities and engaging a diverse range of professionals.