Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) Partners with the American Planning Association’s (APA) International Planner Exchange 

OTTAWA, November 7, 2018 —  We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) is partnering with the American Planning Association’s International Division’s International Planner Exchange (IPE) program to facilitate international opportunities for Canadian and American professional planners.
IPE is a volunteer coordinated program, started in 1993, with the goal to expose planners to international planning work by providing a direct, one-on-one experience. Each host exchange is two weeks or longer (where feasible) with participating planners hosting each other in their homes and workplaces. CIP now offers its members this exchange opportunity previously offered only between US planners and UK planners (through the Royal Town Planning Institute).
“We are very pleased to help support our members in expanding their international professional experience and networks,” said Beth McMahon, CEO of the Canadian Institute of Planners. “The APA International Planner Exchange will effectively facilitate short-term exchanges for Canadian and American planners, and foster international learning and knowledge transfer for the profession.”
For more information and to apply please go to: