The Canadian Institute of Planners Announces Its Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Roadmap

Ottawa, ON – August 5, 2020

The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) is pleased to announce the launch of its Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Roadmap, providing a structured, measurable, and systematic approach to embed EDI into the Institute and across the planning profession.

“The Canadian planning profession has an ethical responsibility to work for the public good, and CIP believes that we must be genuinely representative of the society in which we work,” said Eleanor Mohammed RPP, MCIP, President of CIP. “This includes recognizing and addressing the need for broader diversity at all levels of the profession, and addressing, with urgency, the systemic racism in our planning systems and policies.”

In 2018, the CIP Board of Directors identified social equity as a policy priority, and engaged one of Canada’s leading consultants in EDI, HRx, to develop the strategy. The Roadmap focuses on CIP’s aspiration to be a trusted voice on EDI for the planning profession through three key areas: representing the diversity of CIP’s members in the organization’s leadership; supporting inclusive workplaces for planning professionals; and advocating for social equity and inclusion in planning.

“The Roadmap represents a significant commitment by the Institute, which will result in transformative change,” stated Beth McMahon, CEO. “To fully implement our vision of a more accessible and inclusive profession, CIP will work collaboratively with our members and partner organizations, building capacity and momentum to move forward together.”  

Core to the EDI Roadmap is leveraging CIP’s diverse membership to implement feasible, effective, and impactful change. Throughout the process, CIP will seek the support of industry leaders to inform initiatives and help the Institute put them into practice.

Annual reporting on the EDI Roadmap will provide members and the public with transparent data and information on CIP’s implementation and progress over time.

Read the full Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Roadmap and additional resources and reports.