Led by Natalie Persaud RPP, MCIP

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Blog Series is designed to share key insights from our ELP program with the entirety of our membership. After each program session, we will share key highlights and resources for those interested in delving further into the topic.

During the second module session of the ELP, Natalie Persaud RPP, MCIP, worked with participants to understand the importance of mindfulness and self-care in positions of leadership. Prior to the session, Natalie shared a series of readings, videos, and an accompanying worksheet to help participants place the concepts of mindfulness and self-care within the context of their own experience.

Please find one of the resources below:

Why the World Needs Mindful Leaders – Matt Thieleman

The Qualities of a Mindful Leader

“Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, so that we are able to check our reactions and not be overwhelmed or overstimulated,” stated Natalie. She further noted that to be a mindful leader is to “have awareness that your role is to serve and elevate others.” In support of this role, participants reflected on the four qualities of Mindful Leaders

Focus – to tune out from distractions and be fully present

Clarity – to see past filters and be intentional with thoughts

Creativity – to declutter the mind and create space for answers to flow through

Compassion – to have self-awareness and empathy

Positive ‘Thoughts-Actions-Feelings’

Participants then had the opportunity to put the qualities of mindful leadership to work. Natalie’s positive ‘thoughts – actions – feelings’ exercise asked participants to observe how their thoughts effect their actions, and then their feelings towards a situation.

Take this scenario for example: You are overloaded with projects at work and your manager asks you to take on more.

Positive: I think my manager trusts me and thinks I do great work – I have a conversation about the work that I have and find a solution for a manageable workload – I feel valued and balanced.


Negative: My manager is dumping on me and it’s unfair – I take on the additional responsibilities and do mediocre work – I feel stressed, resentful, and angry.

The ultimate take away is that the way we think influences how we act towards a situation and thus how we feel in the end. Having self-awareness is important because it leads to better decision-making.

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