How can we transform the way we do our work to better serve cultural communities? Planners from the City of Vancouver’s Chinatown Transformation Team (CTT) will share their experiences working alongside the Chinatown community to sustain its legacy as a place of equity and opportunity for all. The result will be a long-term plan that addresses social, cultural and economic development needs. The CTT is using an innovative planning approach for Chinatown that centres culture and community’s way of life as the foundation of building a future. The approach expands our understanding of what planning can do in matters of intangible culture, community identity, equity, and relationship building. Planning that addresses the needs of historically discriminated cultural communities is complex, important work. The presenters will share lessons learned in stewardship groups, cultural asset mapping, community assets management, relationship-building, and more. The principles shared in this session are applicable beyond Chinatown: they are important to any planner interested in advancing equity, meeting the needs of minorities, supporting culture and heritage, and working with community.