Through the Policy on Climate Change Planning, CIP recognizes that planners have a role in adapting to climate change. This session embodies the idea that “All Planners are Adaptation Planners” and demonstrates how planners can use existing skills and tools to assess climate change risks and advance climate adaptation and community resilience. We will review adaptation strategies, examine critical policy drivers, and guide planners toward additional learning resources. The session will include a condensed view of existing climate change adaptation and resilience training for planners developed with funding from Natural Resource Canada’s Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) program. The Climate Risk Institute participated in creating this program for Ontario and the Prairies in collaboration with CIP, OPPI, MPPI, SPPI, and APPI. The session will link key climate change risk assessment principles and adaptation approaches with planning tools and policies. It will conclude by demonstrating the Adaptation Resource Pathway for Planners, an interactive PDF to help identify climate change resources and training opportunities that match planners’ needs.