According to Revenue Canada, the United Church of Canada and the National Trust for Canada, close to 10,000 of Canada’s 28,000 church buildings will close in the next ten years. The Trinity Centres Foundation was established in 2018 as a pan-Canadian charitable organization with the goal of restoring and repurposing underutilized churches across Canada. TCF is creating dynamic new community hubs for various neighbourhood uses, applying a new social business model that generates both societal and economic value. The Foundation is committed to enabling churches to bring about positive change while maintaining a secure financial future. In the process, they are finding innovative ways to deliver services, advance social inclusion and revitalize communities and local neighbourhoods.

With case studies from Montreal, Calgary and Kitchener Ontario, this presentation will explore the TCF model of:

  • Assembling community hubs in churches across Canada
  • Creating a Diversified Impact Investment Fund
  • Creating a shared services operating model.